If you’ve already visited us, you’ve probably realized that we have a pretty good time doing what we do. And if you’ve never visited, what are you waiting for? As far as we’re concerned, a company is the sum of the individuals who comprise it. So what we look for, simply, is awesome people. If you have crazy personality; if you know nothing about restaurants but you’ve been raised on pizza, and know that Neapolitan pizza is by far the best kind; if you can touch your tongue to your nose while simultaneously singing A fare l’amore comincia tu; if you have the ability to recognize any type of pasta and can easily picture what a ricciutella looks like; if you think this is an unlikely opportunity but you have the guts to go for it anyway; or if you’re just really, really ridiculously good looking, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re looking for people with at least one exceptional quality, so shoot us your resume and tell us what makes you special. And even if you don’t feel you have any worthy qualities, well… drop us a line anyway. We’re a super young team that trains on the fly. Our newbies have become chefs or managers in less than a year, and have an average age of 24 years. If this sounds tempting…

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