Every day mission

Each day is a new opportunity to go further on our product quality, our impact on the planet, our training. Or simply to do things a little better.


In 2024, Big Mamma is:

75% of restaurant management from internal promotion

37  different nationalities 

44% of female managers

2,200 people in the team

75% products sourced primarily from local or Italian suppliers

52% of our new recruits are younger than 25 

65% of our recipes are vegetarian

1,000 jobs created in Europe in 4 years

99/100 Professional equality indicator (2023)*

* In accordance with Law No. 2018-771 of September 5, 2018 and Decree No. 2019-15 of January 8, 2019 implementing the provisions aimed at eliminating the pay gap between men and women within companies.

39/40: Pay gap indicator between women and men

20/20: Indicator difference in rate of increases between women and men

15/15: Promotion rate gap indicator between women and men

15/15: Indicator percentage of employees increased in the year following their return from maternity leave

10/10: Indicator number of employees of the under-represented sex among the 10 highest paid

We are a
B Corporation

B Corp is a new type of label which doesn’t only evaluate a company’s CSR but evaluates and highlights the real impact and positive contributions of its activity. Each certified company is re-evaluated every 3 years through a 200-question evaluation form which focuses on multiple subjects linked for example to the company’s organization, the employees conditions, or its community.
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Our impact report 2020
Our impact report 2021

By staying faithful to our values which are: meritocracy, excellence, entrepreneurship and authenticity, we work daily to act in the right way, through numerous small acts, like installing renewable electric energy in 100% of our restaurants or favouring internal promotion (71% in 2018).

B Corp, we take it as a daily guide, in order to direct us in the right direction on the topics that are truly important to us. We got this label with the grade of 80,1 points out of 200, and therefore we still have a great opportunity to improve and get better; this is the whole point of our approach


This is the total amount of donations we have collected since 02/2019 for the charity


ThinkForward is a local charity which provides a personalised five-year coaching program that helps young people overcome personal barriers holding them back from achieving their potential, so they can build the aspirations, skills and confidence they need to get a job.

ThinkForward was selected by Epic, a global nonprofit startup which fights to change the lives of disadvantaged youth by identifying and funding high-impact organisations.

ThinkForward is a registered charity in England and Wales number 1152862.