Grigliata alla Fiorentina

Pink Mamma


Pink Mamma, it’s a big and friendly trattoria on 4 floors where we prepare our meat Firenze style. We breed and feed ourselves our own cows in order to get this corn-fed meat extraordinarily tender, matured at least 30 days. By the way, in this region, it is said that if a steak is thinner than three fingers, it’s called a carpaccio.  It’s also said that it is a sin to order a Bistecca alla fiorentina without a glass of Chianti Riserva. In terms of wine, we have a few incredible discoveries, like some old vintages right from old Tuscan hotels’ cellars. They’re amazing with the meat and match perfectly with the atmosphere of the last floor glass-ceiling. For those less fond of meat, not to worry, we’ve kept some goodies for you, with antipastis, pizza e pasta ! And if you have the guts to go down to the basement, don’t hesitate to push the forbidden doors, you might be surprised…


This year, to take a break from the traditional bouquet, we came up with an idea. We teamed up with the crazy team at Le Pigalle Hotel****...


Pink Mamma squadra offers bookings (lunch and dinner service) with some tables also available for walk-ins if you fancy dropping in.


For larger groups, we offer big tables with a set menu. Whilst we do also offer private hire for crazy events and special moments <3


Pink Mamma launches its tea time. An authentic five o'clock tea, with an Italian twist. For a perfect afternoon, under the idyllic glass roof, enjoy a cup of tea, a caffè or a glass of champagne, as you wish.


We open our doors for your birthdays party, your happy family evenings or your cool company events with the privatization of some spaces.


20bis, Rue de Douai, 75009 Paris


12h00 – 14h30
18h45 – 22h30


12h00 – 14h30
18h45 – 22h30


12h00 – 14h30
18h45 – 22h30


12h00 – 14h30
18h45 – 22h30


12h00 – 14h30
18h45 – 23h00


12h00 – 15h15
18h45 – 23h00


12h00 – 15h15
18h45 – 22h45

Tutto é fatto
in casa. E Basta.*

* The menu changes every month,
Depending on arrivals and seasons.

Why don’t you take reservations ?

We use amazing products that come directly from amazing producers located in Italy. We only serve fresh, 100% made-in-house food. And in order to stay in the spirit of the authentic Italian trattorias we love so much, we offer a menu that’s as affordable as possible. The reality is that latecomers and cancelled reservations represent an enormous cost for restaurants. In order to be able to offer quality products at affordable prices, we have to ensure that all our seats are filled. Either we accommodate a lot of people, or we make a lot of profit.

Plus, there’s advantages to not having to reserve 2 months in advance just to eat a pizza ! To put it simply : we understand that not taking reservations can be inconvenient for our diners, but we have to weigh this consideration against the fact that we’re trying to offer high value-for-money by squeezing our margins. To make things just a little bit easier, we’ve put in place a wait-list system whereby our hostess take your name and telephone number and call you when your table is ready.